Archival Services

At Archivation, we know that every collection is unique. That’s why our emphasis is on customization. We offer a broad range of archival services to design the best solution on a case by case basis. In designing and implementing projects, we combine professional best practices, with flexibility and practicality to create a solution that not only serves the clients needs, but does right by the material itself.

We design solutions to fit every budget for a spectrum of clients including:

  • Museums and cultural institutions
  • Libraries
  • Government agencies
  • Arts organizations
  • Artists, writers, and creatives
  • Galleries
  • Estates
  • Families
  • Corporations and businesses
Collections Assessment and Project Planning

You tell us what what you are looking to do and we evaluate your holdings, discuss your goals and current practices to design a timeline, workflow and specific set of deliverables to help get you and your collection get going on your next project.


We create a comprehensive list of assets to facilitate collection access, management, or project design.

Arrangement and Description

We facilitate asset retrieval and reference by identifying the most fitting way to arrange your collection both intellectually and physically. We also describe material groupings in accordance with professional standards and schema to facilitate research, and promote collection understanding.


We gather data and record information in a searchable database to facilitate research and retrieval. We catalog using schemas appropriate to the specifics of a given collection and support a broad range of cataloging programs and software.

Housing Evaluation and Upgrade

Archival asset storage is vital in ensuring the longevity of your collection. With experience in housing a broad range of material formats, we can design and implement a custom housing solution to care for your collection. Our solutions address the unique needs of each item and employ best practices in line with national preservation standards.

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